News from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. You and yours were remembered in our Thanksgiving prayer. We at Mercy continue to be grateful to you for your choice of MVHS for your sons and daughters.

As Thanksgiving ends and December arrives, we transition into the Church’s season of Advent, a time of preparation for the coming of Jesus again into our hearts and into our lives. At Mercy, our school days begin with the lighting of the Advent wreath, and homeroom students, teachers, and administrators pause to remember Jesus’s presence in our every day and anticipate His coming anew to us. We place our intentions in prayer, and we recite and sing Advent words of peace and anticipation. We remember all our families and friends.

In the spirit of the season, teachers and students alike participate in many serious activities: taking holiday cheer to Sisters of Mercy at McAuley Convent and organizing a Christmas party for younger students. Our seniors prepare the annual Christmas Tableau, their telling of the Christmas story, and help the entire school community to celebrate the birth of Jesus and peace on earth. This year, our tableau will be presented on December 23. Join us if you can. Also, our carpenters and electricians will display our outdoor Nativity scene on our front lawn for all passers-by to see. May all our Advent and Christmas endeavors allow peace to move into all our hearts, our city streets, and all the war-torn places of our world.

I hope that the directions (found in the report card envelope) help you to understand how school is in session from home during a “snow day”. I am grateful for your encouragement on these days. The State Department of Education approves of these flexible instruction days if enough students are “present” by sending back assignments. The teachers are ready for this type of education. The students know their part.

As December days pass quickly, school, studies, and classes still go strong until December 23. The second quarter wraps up on January 23, 2015, so these December days are important ones for your sons and daughters. On December 2, some of you are coming with your children to parent/teacher conferences. Often, and especially in mid-December, I encourage you to check PowerSchool and Edmodo. Many parents, guardians, and students are finding this tool helpful and informative. It is my hope that you will see good news which is associated with student improvement.

In this time of giving and receiving, we should stop to remember the many benefactors of MVHS and their generosity, specifically in the form of tuition assistance. Benefactors’ contributions and the school’s fund-raising efforts, combined with your hard-earned money, provide this Mercy education for your children. Recently, Sister Rosemary sent out a phone blast reminding of the benefits of good grades, comments, conduct and attendance. In a spirit of gratitude and appreciation, your children should put forth their best work in terms of good grades, cooperation, and attentiveness. What the benefactors, you, and we expect is their working up to their potential. This is the part your sons and daughters play. A reminder from you will match our words and help to provide a good return on everyone’s investment. Hopefully, the first-quarter report card was an indication of good work or a reminder for needed improvement.

In the midst of the Christmas rush, may you find some quiet moments to see more clearly the priceless gifts of God’s love and family bonds. As you shop for Christmas presents, join us in acknowledging the real Gift of this season. Remember to take God into every day by acts of kindness, words of forgiveness, gestures of comfort, and gifts of peace.

May you and your families experience many blessings this Advent and Christmas. May God grant you and yours the joy, hope, and peace of this holy season.

Best wishes and prayers,

Sister Susan Walsh, RSM