News from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In the name of the faculty, staff, and administration of Mercy Vocational High School, I wish all of you a holy and happy New Year. May your days be filled with special blessings. Throughout this year of 2015 and beyond, may God bless you and your families with joy and peace!

As the calendar turns to 2015, I am very conscious of our seniors, the Class of 2015. This is a milestone year for the parents and guardians of the seniors as well. Let’s walk the days until June 6 and be “on the same page” in guiding the seniors with wise decision-making, both now and in the future. Sister Barbara has been and will be connecting with your sons and daughters about post-graduation plans. The senior faculty will continue their good teaching and high expectations. I ask you to mark April 8 on your new calendars for a meeting of senior parents and guardians. On that Wednesday evening, Mr. Carchidi, Miss Glatts, Mr. Aument, and I will go over important details for prom, senior events, and graduation. Mark June 5 on your calendar as well. It is Awards Day for the seniors, and you are welcome to attend the morning ceremony. If there is anything that we can do, please do not hesitate to contact us. Happy and successful 2015 for you and the Class of 2015!

Mark your calendar for some family events in the coming year. Our Parent Appreciation Night (Spaghetti Dinner and Bingo) is March 19. On May 27, we celebrate the many accomplishments and involvement of our students at the Awards Banquet. Consider joining us for these and other school events.

For all the students, January is an important time as we approach the end of the second quarter on January 23. I want to thank the parents and guardians who came to Conference Day on December 2. In addition, I am grateful that so many of you are utilizing PowerSchool specifically to check second-quarter progress. Progress reports were mailed to you before Christmas, if you requested written communication. Either way, thank you for seeing to the necessary corrections. Many students do a great job with assignments, but some, not so great. Study and home assignments, along with class participation, are major ingredients for good grades in both the quarter and the semester. I am looking forward to graduating every senior and promoting every freshman, sophomore and junior without summer school. Good school days in January can help that cause tremendously.

Speaking of PowerSchool, this program sends email alerts weekly if you have your correct email within your personal information section. It will provide updates on the current grade in each subject and attendance information. I want to remind you that you should log into PowerSchool periodically to view the Discipline Log to see any demerits and/or times “sent out of class.” Fortunately, a good number of students have shown wonderful cooperation with their teachers. Thanks for checking.

Hopefully, you are receiving my SchoolReach phone calls. I will be using this system to alert you on wintery weather days in addition to the usual method of radio, television, and webpage. Our school number is 246. If you are not receiving these calls, please do one of two things. Check PowerSchool listing of phone numbers and amend if necessary, or contact Mrs. Heisler with your two numbers.

Remember that when MVHS is closed, teachers will be sending assignments for the students to do. Learning is open on-line. There was a letter about this in the first report card envelope. Teachers will be telling their students when they will be available to answer questions. Thanks for your cooperation in seeing that your children are prepared to do their assignments by 8:30PM. Doing all assignments indicates that your children were present and learning.

We are busy enrolling the Class of 2019, the new grade 9. If you know friends, neighbors, or family members with children in grade 8, please spread the good word about the education here at MVHS. In addition, the possible closure of some public high schools may have families you know looking for a new high school. MVHS can admit sophomores as well as freshmen since the vocational training begins that year. Acceptance of new juniors and seniors depends on prior vocational training and matching academic course work. Encourage the parents or guardians you know to get in touch with Mr. Donahue.

Once again, thank you for entrusting your children to our care. We join you in the education of your sons and daughters and consider this partnership a privilege.

Peace and blessings in 2015,

Sister Susan Walsh