News from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy spring to all! Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation bursting forth.

Speaking of spring and the fever often attached to it, I would appreciate your continued assistance in keeping your sons and daughters on track with grades, attendance, good behavior, Christian service hours, and dress code.

April 7 marks the beginning of the fourth quarter, a period of time which will move very quickly. If by any chance you are not receiving SchoolReach phone blasts periodically, please call Mrs. Heisler at the Main Office. Thank you for your continued diligence, support, and cooperation.

Thanks again for your participation in our Middle States process. So many of you took the survey last year, and others stopped in to see the Middle States team on different occasions. Of course, as always, the students were the shining stars. The team was impressed with their polite and friendly manner. On behalf of Administration, faculty, and staff, I extend my gratitude for your support of Mercy. The Middle States team enthusiastically recommends us for re-accreditation.

When you receive the third-quarter report card on April 14, please take particular notice of any courses whose marks hover around the 70s. (Hopefully, many of you will see much higher grades.) I remind you that a fourth-quarter grade can come in under a 60 if your sons or daughters earn grades so low. Again, please help them to stay on track and to do their best during the fourth quarter (starting Monday, April 7). Let’s work together to avoid summer school or June tears.

By the middle to the end of April, families will receive registration information (not grade 12). I am asking for your decision about sending your children back to MVHS for the next school year. Please commit to this with your registration forms and fees. In order to prepare for the 2014-2015 school year, I need the number of students in each academic classroom and vocational shop. I appreciate the sacrifices you have made and are making to complete tuition payments and to make decisions for next year. These tough economic times affect your homes and our school. Let’s work together and pray for each other.

April is filled with many wonderful opportunities to go along with good days of classroom instruction. There are several events, such as Ring Mass and retreat for juniors. Keep your eye on the web calendar, and click any light brown print for more details.

Other important April events for parents and guardians are:

  • April 6: Family Mass followed by continental breakfast at 9:30AM
  • April 8: Meeting for parents/guardians of seniors concerning graduation, prom, and other events at 7 PM
  • Parents and guardians of prom juniors, please join in at 7:30PM for prom specifics
  • April 11: Ring Mass for the juniors – Holy Innocents Church at 7 PM
  • April 13 to 19: Operation Katrina-Sandy at Toms River, NJ
  • April 23: Police and Fire Personnel--Appreciation Dinner (If a relative falls into this category, please call Mrs. Heisler to let us know.)
  • April 29: Shop Selection Night and information for all freshmen parents and guardians. Meeting starts at 7PM and lasts approximately an hour and a half. All families should be represented.

Hope to see you at these events. Enjoy April.

With Operation Katrina-Sandy 9, food collection, and other Christian service work, the Mercy school community serves its neighbors near and far. It is marvelous to see such living expressions of faith. You, our parents and guardians, support these activities and contribute to the many good works. May God bless us!

May the promise of Jesus’ Resurrection bring us the hope and strength each of us needs for our every day. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Best Wishes and prayers,

Sister Susan Walsh, RSM