News from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our 2014-2015 school year got off to a great start! It was wonderful to have you “back to school” so that you could hear messages from all four administrators and other faculty and get first-hand the expectations from the teachers. I appreciated your cooperation and interest and was encouraged by your visible support and enthusiasm. We, at Mercy, are grateful for your partnership.

This month the freshmen will continue their adjustment to the newness of high school: use of chromebooks, etc. The sophomores will continue to enjoy their new shops. Some juniors will take the PSAT to begin the exploration of possible post-secondary education. All juniors and seniors take a good look at possible careers and future education opportunities during Career Day. The Class of 2015 will begin some senior adventures: a trip to the Renaissance Faire, smiles for graduation portraits, and costumes for Halloween fun. Soccer, cross country, cheerleading, Mercy for Life, TCG Card Club, and “3-on-3” basketball are well underway. Spirit Games begin for all grades. Please be sure to check the web calendar for details on all happenings.

In addition to the special events mentioned above, October is a good time for students to take their academic and vocational courses very seriously. Active participation in daily classes and effective study and preparations now will pave the way for a successful school year. Teachers and administrators set high expectations for the students and work each day to assist the students in their studies and character development. Visit PowerSchool and Edmodo to see how your children are doing in October. Check often now and throughout the year. Reach out to me, Miss Glatts, Mr. Aument, or any other faculty member with your thoughts and/or questions. Continue to follow us electronically by visiting our website for calendar, schedules, news, grades, messages, and regulations. Listen for our School Reach messages and update your information on PowerSchool whenever there is a change. We are here for you.

On the first Thursday in October, MVHS is hosting a fundraiser “Endless Possibilities: Educate, Empower, Employ…” here at Mercy Vocational High School. At this event, we invite benefactors, old and new, to contribute to the advancement of the great work at MVHS. We continue to market our school to others. Please pray for the success of this important event. If your children participate in the event, I am grateful to you for your help in picking them up at the end of the evening.

Continuing our emphasis on the mission of Mercy, we will extend ourselves in service to others and begin our community-service activities. The proceeds from our Coin Drive, which ends on Halloween, will support these outreach activities. Every coin makes a difference, and we appreciate your help with this drive. All four classes of students are encouraged to be generous with their time and talents. This year, all seniors and juniors have a fifteen-hour commitment of Christian service. The sophomores and freshmen are expected to contribute ten hours. This service can be performed through school or any church, neighborhood, or civic endeavor. Any service activity performed outside of school hours and “not for family” qualifies. Theology teachers will give further directions about Christian service and record the hours for you in PowerSchool. For your information, there is a reflection sheet for each hour, which goes straight to the theology teacher from the individual student.

Thank you for entrusting your sons and daughters to our care and for making the sacrifices necessary for this special type of education. Please let me know if we can help your children even more. Consider reaching out to other families you know to suggest MVHS to them. Open House comes quickly early next month (November 2).

Let us pray for each other and wish peace and all good blessings for your homes and our school. May God bless our endeavors and guide our October days. May God give us the grace to realize that we proceed through this school year with our theme “Mercy by Design” with a focus on Optimism.

Peace and blessings,

Sister Susan