News from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy May! I am sure you join me in finding it hard to believe that we are at this point in the school year. Thank you in advance for staying the course with us in encouraging your sons and daughters to finish the year well. May these remaining weeks go smoothly and productively. Keep a close eye on the website calendar to understand the schedule for this month. Check often. If you have any questions about the location of information on the new website, just send me an email, and I will show you the way.

We, at Mercy, appreciate your cooperation and support throughout the many months of the 2014-2015 school year. There are many ways that you show your support, and for these, and more, we are grateful. Additionally, I appreciate all of you (current freshman, sophomore, and junior parents) who will re-register your children for the 2015-2016 school year. Thank you for your financial sacrifices and continued partnership.

With thoughts of spring and summer upon us, some students continue their consistent approach to their schoolwork, others stray from their good work habits, and still others stop before the end of the year. Stay on top of their assignments, and watch the time spent on written and study homework. Please be sure to discuss with your sons and daughters the “road” to the final year grade for each subject. If any course is hovering near a 70 without “room to spare,” it will need extra supervision. Please remember that grades CAN be lower than a 60 this quarter. Check PowerSchool in early May, and go back often.

This month is filled with wonderful events for the Class of 2015. May this be a good month for our seniors and our proud parents of the graduates-to-be. Their class trip is on May 20. On May 29, the seniors will officially become members of the MVHS alumni at a breakfast in their honor. The seniors will gather for a great time together on Tuesday, June 2, from 5 to 7PM. (This is a change from the previously-mentioned date of June 3.) May these events and others become the stuff of great memories. Again, thank you for coming to the meeting about these events. Don’t forget to encourage your seniors to submit pictures in early May for the DVD yearbook. When the seniors eventually see their DVD yearbook, they may wish that they had submitted their photos.

I also invite you to some May events that will spotlight the talents and dedication of our students. Preparations are underway for our 12th Arts Festival on May 19. Make plans to join us for the Awards Banquet on May 27. Come and applaud the talents, accomplishments, and service of our students.

Speaking of service, I ask that the parents and guardians of all grades check on the completion of the ten service hours for your sons and daughters. Many students have finished their commitments, but others need to give their service through school, church, neighborhoods, and other ways. Thank you for checking PowerSchool and encouraging completion of hours. Completion is necessary for graduation or promotion to the next grades. Remember freshmen and sophomores are required to give ten hours; juniors and seniors, 15 hours. Parents and guardians will be responsible for the completion during the summer months.

For the families of all those attending the Prom, I applaud all you will do to ensure the safety of your sons and daughters on the night of the Prom (May 14). The faculty, staff, and I will supervise the events very closely. Thank you for arranging for prompt pick-up times on these nights. It is a long day for the chaperones. Remember that MVHS does not sponsor any post-Prom activities. May these be beautiful nights for all involved.

With these May messages, I send my prayers and those of our school community to all mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and all women. May God bless you for your goodness to your families. May God strengthen you, and may you know God’s love and the love of your families. Especially in May, our school community honors our Blessed Mother Mary and asks for her guidance in our lives. As Mary raised her son Jesus to adulthood and was present to Him, may she inspire our faith and our actions daily.

Peace and all good blessings,

Sister Susan