News from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy February to all of you! The school year is half over, and, hopefully, the better half is still to come. We began the third quarter/second semester on January 26 and are looking forward to good teaching and good learning throughout this quarter. Students will receive their second report cards on February 9, and with these grades they can chart the path ahead into the second semester. Many students are performing to the best of their abilities, and they deserve our congratulations. Some need to take corrective action. Thank you for remaining informed of your sons’ and daughters’ progress and for “staying the course” in encouragement and support for your sons and daughters. Visit PowerSchool often and find out the latest information on grades, attendance, and demerit count.

Also, I appreciate your efforts in encouraging the completion of electronic assignments during the snow days we had or may have. Your cooperation is extremely important.

Your children are learning about the ten topics which will be emphasized in meetings and discussions during the World Meeting of Families this coming September prior to Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia. You will notice on the calendar WMOF Family Fridays. The theology teachers present these special lessons. Stay tuned for opportunities to volunteer during these meeting days.

There is something special for each class this month. I invite you to check our web calendar for the full look at the events of February and early March.

  • Our annual canned food drive begins on February 9 and extends to February 18. Thanks for doing as much as you can do to help others.
  • Meeting for all freshman parents and guardians is planned for February 19. This is a vital step in shop selection for the class of 2018.
  • Some of our older students and faculty are gearing up for our tenth Operation Katrina-Sandy trip to Toms River, New Jersey, to assist in the rebuilding of the area. Twenty juniors and seniors, along with members of the faculty, will offer a full week of service. Stay tuned for more details on Operation Katrina-Sandy 9. There will be a team-building session on a Saturday in March. The trip happens from March 29 until April 4.
  • Many students continue their community service. Thank you for encouraging the completion of the 10 or 15 required hours. The report card will show the number of hours to date. These hours must be finished by graduation or promotion to the next grade.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for March 12. Typically, these conferences are for failing or underachieving grades and/or behavior or effort concerns. Information will be mailed to you if MVHS is requesting you and your children’s presence at these meetings. The report card envelope will contain information for a parent-requested conference. No classes are held this day. Students must come to the conference.
  • Of special importance to all of us is Winterfest. For many years now, the Mercy community has joined together to provide a day of fun for our friends with challenges/disabilities. On Saturday, February 21, administrators, faculty, and students will gather with students from other schools to be buddies for the day and to bring joy to our guests. Many companies and individuals help us to make this day possible, and we are grateful to all of these benefactors. Our coins from earlier in the year take care of most of the expenses for the day as well. After many hours of fun and lots of excitement, all of us can recognize the many blessings which God gives to us each day. We give to our friends this day and receive much more in return. This Winterfest day is a big example of Mercy in action, of students and teachers uniting for the joy of others. It is service with many smiles!!! Thank you for allowing your sons and daughters to participate in this worthwhile event.
  • If you would, I ask that you pass on several pieces of news. If you know any parents of eighth graders, remind them to consider Mercy as a choice for their children and ask them to contact Mr. Donahue for admission details. The Spring Open House (March 22) is designed for sixth and seventh graders or any eighth graders who would like to see MVHS in action. Your good word to others about Mercy is appreciated. We, at Mercy, count on your support.

In conclusion, may you feel the warmth of God’s love for you and your family members.

Best wishes for peace and happiness,

Sister Susan Walsh