McAuley Program

The McAuley Program offers an intensive academic support structure for students who have special learning needs and who meet the educational requirements of the program. A maximum of 24 students is accepted into the program during freshman year.

McAuley English and mathematics classes, each of which has no more than twelve students, are taught by McAuley teachers who work with the smaller groups to attend to individual needs in two important subject areas. McAuley Program students are mainstreamed into other academic disciplines as well as into the vocational areas. Students also have the opportunity to seek the assistance of the Mercy’s Learning-Strategies Specialist and the Title One Reading Specialist.

The ultimate goal of the McAuley program is to support identified students with special learning needs so that they will become more successful throughout their high-school education. The McAuley Program is not a special-education program but a learning-support program.