The Carpentry Program at MVHS offers a sequential learning experience that provides students with a solid theory and technical foundation for pursuing a variety of career-path options.

Over the three years of coursework, areas such as hand/power tool use, trade-related machine operation, cabinetmaking, architectural drafting/design, print reading, and residential and commercial construction are incorporated into the curriculum.

Students begin with carpentry fundamentals such as safety and power tool usage and then move on to more advanced skills including house framing. By senior year, the carpentry and woodworking students are finishing the framing for houses in the carpentry shop at the school. Students in this program gain real-world experience throughout their time at Mercy Vocational High School through the execution of projects at the school including the construction of a full-scale home designed and constructed by Mercy Building Trades shop students right inside the ground floor of the Mercy East building.


National Center for Construction Education & Research (N.C.C.E.R) in Core Curriculum and Level One Carpentry